Lafferty Catalog 7 • Foggers & Fogging Systems

Lafferty Model # Description 709105 Tank, 5 Gallon, HDPE (with suction stem) 709106-LID 70mm Lid For 5 Gallon Pail (replacement) 709120 Tank, 20 Gallon, HDPE 709140 Tank, 40 Gallon, HDPE 709160 Tank, 60 Gallon, HDPE 5 Gallon 20 Gallon 40 Gallon 60 Gallon • Safe and Convenient — Prevents splashing, reduces odor, and allows for quick replacement of chemical concentrate. • All models shown include a hose barb that attaches directly to any ¼” suction tube of a Lafferty chemical applicator or dispenser. • Jug / Pail Lids: Machined polypropylene lids threaded to fit 1 gallon jugs and the pull-up spout of many 5 gallon pails. Jug Lid includes 1' of suction tubing. (Model 709101-R fits Rieke FLEXSPOUT® closures.) Slip Stick includes a sliding Jug Lid and fits containers up to 21” deep. • Pail Sticks: Polypropylene sticks with sliding collars, threaded to fit ¾” container lid knockouts. Model 709105 includes a 16" Pail Stick and 5 gallon pail with lid. CHEMICAL/WATER TANKS Contact us for details. CHEMICAL DISPENSING ACCESSORIES: SAFE FLOW™ JUG OR PAIL LIDS AND PAIL STICKS CHEMICAL TANKS AND ACCESSORIES Lafferty offers four sizes of tanks for use with Lafferty Chemical Management Systems or for auxiliary chemical storage. All tanks are made of high density polyethylene for chemical resistance and material durability. 14 •CAT.7 Fax order • 800-699-3719