Lafferty Catalog 7 • Foggers & Fogging Systems

FOGGERS ILLUSTRATION: 6-ZONE PUMP FED FOGGER SYSTEM t Air Lines from central controller Zone 4 Zone 3 Zone 5 Zone 6 Zone 2 Zone 1 Each fogging zone can include a combination of Lafferty 4-Way or 8-Way 305 Pump Fed Foggers. The number of foggers that can be supported in each zone will depend on the capacity of the air compressor installed at the facility. For example, 300 cfm of air will operate up to four 8-Way or eight 4-Way 305 Pump Fed Foggers —or any equivalent combination. If more compressed air is available, more foggers can be added to each zone. If less compressed air is available, fewer foggers can be supported in each zone. For help with fogger planning, go online to and navigate to the Foggers page. CAT.7• 13 E-mail order •