Lafferty Catalog 6 • Entryway, Drain & Hand Sanitizing Systems

ENTRYWAY FOAM SANITIZING SYSTEMS OVERVIEW Entryways to facilities, or between uncooked and “ready-to-eat” areas within a facility, are critical control and prevention points. The application of foam sanitizing chemicals at these points builds a barrier to microbial contamination from foot or wheel traffic. The use of an automatic entryway foam sanitizing system is the most effective and consistent method of introducing sani- tizing chemicals to the floor of the entryway. These systems apply a layer of rich foam sanitizer, either on a timed or a pre- programmed basis. This approach, where fresh solution is being applied constantly, is far superior to using boot dip stations or foot baths, which quickly become dirty or dry, and then a source of potential contamination. System Features • All electrical components contained in a NEMA rated control box, isolated from all liquids, with positive On/Off switch control • Systems mounted on hygienic stainless steel backing plates • Built to withstand a wide range of chemicals • Precisionmachined polypropylene foamer bodies designed to provide the ideal volume of liquid for eachmodel of foamer • Custom-designed, precision-machined polypropylene Spreader nozzle to provide the ideal foam coverage pattern Model Groups • Venturi Models : Air Assisted and Air Pump Powered Systems that accurately dilute chemical concentrates to required ratios and produce a high quality foam • Pump Fed Models are designed for facilities with central chemical feed systems that deliver RTU chemical solution to multiple Pump Fed Entryway Foam Sanitizers Model Features • Timed models – simple settings for controlling the timing and duration of foaming cycles • Push Button (Single Shot) models – manual activation of a single, timed application cycle • Photocell models – motion activation of a single, timed application cycle • PLC models – fully programmed, menu-driven, computerized control for finely controlling the timing, and duration, of foam sanitizing on a 24/7/365 basis DRAIN SANITIZING AND MAINTENANCE SYSTEMS Lafferty’s Timed DrainMaintainer Systems are used to provide a constant microbial foam barrier between “ready-to-eat” areas and the effluent in the drains. Lafferty’s Portable High Volume Drain Foam Sanitizers clear debris and waste water through the J-traps in the drain lines and introduce sanitizer throughout the drainage system. The systems can be used in tandemwith the Drain Maintainer Systems. Lafferty’s Timed Trench Foam Sanitizers feed rich sanitizing foam to a foam bar located in a drainage trench. The standard model covers trenches from 10'-48' in length. Longer trenches will require multiple systems. WET WELL / DRAIN MAINTAINER Lafferty's Wet Well /Drain Maintainer, powered by city water pressure, provides a continuous drizzle / drip of chemical solu- tion, accompanied by regular, adjustable bursts of airless foam. It is ideal for treating FOG cakes in Lift Stations or Wet Wells and can be used for sanitation, treating grease build-up or for odor control in any water flow or drain. SENTRY™ HAND HYGIENE SPRAY DISPENSERS Lafferty's Sentry™ Spray Dispensers are designed to prevent cross-contamination through hand contact. Robust, industrial design, low maintenance requirements and ease of use make these stainless steel dispensers the hand sanitizers of choice. CAT. 6• 3 E-mail order •