Lafferty Catalog 6 • Entryway, Drain & Hand Sanitizing Systems

SAFE FLOW LIDS™ FOR 1 GALLON JUGS AND 5 GALLON PAILS Model # Description 709101 Safe Flow Lids™ for 1 Gallon Jugs and 5 Gallon Pails JUG LIDWITH SUCTION TUBE: • Machined polypropylene lid, threaded to fit 1 gallon jugs and the pull-up spout of many 5 gallon jugs • Safe and Convenient — Prevents chemical splashing; Allows quick replacement of concentrate • Incorporated barb attaches directly to suction tube of Lafferty Hose End Airless Sprayer or Foamer • Includes attached suction tube METERING TIP DRIVER • Simply the best and easiest way to install or change metering tips across the entire Lafferty product lineup. Model # Description 443790 Metering Tip Driver BACKFLOW PREVENTERS • Designed for use on non-health-hazard, continuous pressure, point-of-use applications for protection against back siphonage and back pressure • When installed upstream of a water-driven foamer or sprayer this part will prevent chemical solution and/or compressed air from backing up into the water source in the event of reverse suction (power failure, improper operation, failure to close inlet ball valves, etc.) • Discharge vent can be plumbed to direct the discharge to an appropriate drainage area. • May be mounted horizontally or vertically Model # Description 270298 1/2" (Watts 9DM2) Backflow Preventer 270299 3/4" (Watts 9DM3) Backflow Preventer ENTRYWAY/DRAIN/HAND CAT.6• 25 * One Metering Tip Driver is included in each pack of metering tips enclosed with new venturi applicator orders. E-mail order •