Lafferty Catalog 5 • Pump Fed Applicators & Central Chemical Feed Systems

STEP 1: APPLICATORS FOAMERS, AIRLESS FOAMERS, SANITIZERS, RINSE UNITS, MULTIFUNCTION HOSE DROP STATIONS STEP 2: DILUTION SYSTEMS = PUMP FED CENTRAL SYSTEM PLANNING GUIDE CAT.5• 5 FOUR STEPS TO PLANNING A PUMP FED CENTRAL SYSTEM – The four main components of a Pump Fed Central System are (1) Applicators, (2) the Dilution System, (3) the Pump System, and (4) the Piping System. A comprehensive central system often consists of three separate applicator systems designed to work in concert — one each for foam cleaning, rinsing and sanitizing. Use the worksheet on page 4 to organize your planning data. — The worksheet is also available online at • Browse the full line of Lafferty pump fed chemical applicators and rinse equipment and select the type and quantity of applicators to be installed. • Required Information: • Unit model number of each type applicator to be installed • The number of each type of applicator —foamer or sanitizer— that will be in use at the same time • Provide the available rinse water pressure if any rinse equipment is selected, inclusive of multifunction applicators with a rinse function RESOURCE INFORMATION: • Single Function Applicators – pages 8-11, Catalog 5 Pump Fed Foamers , Pump Fed Sanitizer, rinse units Also online @ systems/pump-fed-applicators/ • Multifunction Applicators – pages 12-21, Catalog 5 Pump Fed Hose Drop Stations, available in seven standard configurations: • Rinse/  Foam, • Foam/Foam, • Foam/Rinse/Foam, • Sanitize/Foam, • Foam/Foam/Sanitize, • Sanitize/Sanitize/Foam, • Sanitize/Rinse/Foam • See Additional Required and Recommended Pump Fed System Components, page 7 • The dilution system for each chemical solution must be sized to accommodate the total flow requirement of the pump fed applicators attached to the Central System and which will be in use at the same time. • Required Information: • The piping distance from the pump system to the furthest applicator • The number of applicators to be in use at the same time (as indicated in Step 1, above) • The same information is required to correctly size the dilution system, the pump system and the piping system for each central chemical feed system. • For typical food plant installations, the Lafferty Pump Fed Central System Planning Tool online will recommend the appropriate High Flow Level Master System based on the applicators selected and other data you input. • For smaller central systems or other special considerations, other Level Master Systems are available and, also, a Dosatron Injector Panel. • Lafferty Level Master Systems are float valve activated proportioners that maintain a holding tank of ready-to-use chemical solution. • Dosatron Injectors are water-driven, non-electrical, proportional dispensing systems that dilute chemical concentrates to required ratios and deliver RTU chemical solution to pump fed applicators. RESOURCE INFORMATION: • High Flow Level Masters – pages 22-23, Catalog 5 (Online @ pumps-level-master-systems/ • Other Level Masters – (view online only) – products/pump-fed-central-systems/pumps-level-master-systems/ • Dosatron Single Panel – (view online only) - products/909900-d/ E-mail order •