Lafferty Catalog 5 • Pump Fed Applicators & Central Chemical Feed Systems

PHONE: 501‐851‐2820 • 800‐999‐2820 FAX: 501‐851‐3694  Pump Fed Central System Planning Tool Worksheet  Use this worksheet to summarize the information that you will be asked to enter into the Planning Tool settings.   The Planning Tool and further details and explanations are available at…‐fed‐central‐system‐planning/  This tool plans for up to 2 foaming chemicals and 1 sanitizing chemical.  If additional foaming or sanitizing  chemicals are desired, use the tool separately for each set of 3 chemicals.   Use the table to list the applicators you plan to install    Choose from Foamers / Airless Foamers / Sanitizers / Rinse Stations / Hose Drop Stations and  indicate how many of each model are likely to be used simultaneously.  Model  Number  Description  Number of  Units Required  Units Running  Simultaneously   List your rinse water pressure(s)   If no rinse is desired, leave the default values in the tool (they will not affect other calculations).   City water pressure?  ____ PSI  (Acceptable range is 35‐125 PSI)  Boosted water pressure? ____ PSI  (Acceptable range is 125‐350 PSI)  High water pressure?  ____ PSI  (Acceptable range is 400‐1000 PSI)  List the output pressure of the pumping system(s)   Lafferty AODD Pumps are pre‐set at 65 PSI.  If you plan to use a Lafferty Pump, use the default value  of 65 PSI.  If you are using a different pump, enter the output pressure.   Foaming Chemical A  ____ PSI   Foaming Chemical B  ____ PSI   Sanitizing Chemical ____ PSI   List the distance of the furthest applicator from the pumping system(s)   Typically the pumping system is located alongside the dilution system, often away from the  production floor in a chemical room.  The tool makes calculations relative to the furthest unit to  ensure adequate pipe sizes for the entire system.   Maximum distance from pumping system  ____ feet  (Acceptable range is 10‐3000 feet) Lafferty 4 •CAT.5 # Fax order • 800-699-3719