Lafferty Catalog 5 • Pump Fed Applicators & Central Chemical Feed Systems

Pump Fed Central Chemical Feed Systems PUMP FED CENTRAL SYSTEM PLANNING GUIDE CAT. 5• 3 Lafferty Pump Fed chemical applicators are designed for use with centralized chemical feed systems. Lafferty offers all of the equipment (except piping) required to complete the installation of a Pump Fed Central System for foam cleaning and / or sanitizing at Food and Beverage production plants. The selection includes a range of compressed air pump- operated central chemical feed systems that deliver diluted chemical solution to multiple pump-fed units --sanitizers, foamers, airless foamers and hose drop stations-- along with a selection of Level Masters for maintaining a supply of RTU chemical solution in a holding tank. PUMP FED CENTRAL SYSTEM PLANNING Pages 4 through 7 will guide you through the details for planning a complete Pump Fed Central System. For additional details, tutorials and interactive tools, please visit the following page address at our website: Applicators (foam, sanitize, rinse), dilution systems, pumping systems, and accessories are detailed beginning at page 8. E-mail order •