Lafferty Catalog 5 • Pump Fed Applicators & Central Chemical Feed Systems

PUMP FED Production and Environmental Sanitation Equipment Pump Fed Performance Perfection Critical to Producing the Highest Quality Food Products Custom-Designed Pump Fed Systems PUMP FED CENTRAL SYSTEM PLANNING GUIDE Lafferty 2 •CAT. 5 Regulations, public expectations and competitive pressures require business and industry to maintain clean production areas, machinery and equipment. In today’s world, a pathogenic food contamination scare can panic people or cripple industries half a world away. Companies that are serious about cleaning invest in the best chemicals and the best chemi- cal application equipment. Lafferty builds quality into every piece of chemical application equipment – from the precision machining of our sanitizer and foamer bodies, to the careful selection of heavy-duty components, to the individual testing of every unit. This keeps Lafferty Equipment products working better and longer than any other brand. Once you experience Lafferty quality and performance, you will know that no other brand can be “just like a Lafferty." Lafferty Pump Fed chemical applicators are designed for use with centralized chemical feed systems. Centralizing chemi- cal storage, handling and mixing offers advantages from a chemical management and safety perspective. Ready-to-use (RTU) chemical solution is pumped to multiple sanitizers, foamers, airless foamers or hose drop stations. Lafferty Pump Fed applicators feature design simplicity and outstanding durability. There are no moving or wearing parts and Lafferty's proprietary components are machined from chemical-resistant, solid, thermoplastics or stainless steel, to ensure long product life despite heavy, daily use or harsh environmental conditions. For over 30 years, we at Lafferty have been perfecting our product offering through rigorous attention to detail and the manufacture of balanced systems, engineered to meet the needs of our customers. Our standard offering of pump fed applicators will meet all the daily chemical application needs of food processing plants. Additionally, custom-designed systems are available. Through the years, Lafferty has created numerous variations of standard equipment —especially hose drop stations— to meet customer-specific applications. Tell us what you need, we may have your "custom solution" already sitting on our shelf. Otherwise, complete custom solutions are available and numerous minor modifications can be made "on the fly" to meet specific application challenges. Fax order • 800-699-3719