Lafferty Catalog 4 • Compressed Air Operated Systems

AIR OPERATED LIBERTY SPRAYERS REQUIRES: COMPRESSED AIR, READY-TO-USE CHEMICAL SOLUTION Model # Description 940005 Liberty Sprayer 940119* Portable 2 Wheeled 20 Gallon Liberty Sprayer 940120* Portable 20 Gallon Liberty Sprayer 940126 Portable 60 Gallon Liberty Sprayer OPTIONS 710756 Viton Diaphragm Upgrade for Flojet Air Pump 710755 Kalrez Diaphragm Upgrade for Flojet Air Pump *20 Gallon Liberty Sprayers & Liberty Foamers are available with color-coded 20-gallon tanks and hoses in five standard color combinations. OPTIONS HOSES COLOR 940119 940120 940126 OPTIONS TANKS COLOR CAT.4• 5 LAFFERTY LIBERTY SPRAYERS are powered by compressed air and are designed for use in facilities where plumbed water pressure is unavailable, unreliable or lower than the 35 PSI required for venturi sprayers. A Flojet air pump draws and pressurizes a ready-to-use chemical solution, and is mounted on a unique Lafferty quick release, stainless steel mounting bracket inside a stainless steel enclosure. Portable models feature all stainless steel carts and replaceable polyethylene tanks. 60 Gallon models include heavy duty stainless steel casters. Liberty Sprayers project a uniform, fan-patterned spray for quick coverage of any surface with little waste. RTU chemical solution flow is regulated to match the mid-range of the air pump’s specified operating range, protecting the pump from running repetitively at maximum capacity. • Include two fan nozzles that are used to control the usage of the chemical solution • May also be used as a transfer system (remove nozzle) SPECIFICATIONS Spraying Time based on nozzle used 16 or 28 minutes (per 20 Gallons of RTU chemical) Discharge Hose Length 50 ft 15.2m Flojet Pump 1/4" AODD Santoprene Diaphragm Viton or Kalrez Optional PRE-DILUTE E-mail order •