Lafferty Catalog 4 • Compressed Air Operated Systems Lafferty Compressed Air Operated Systems Liberty Foamers and Sprayers feature a Flojet ¼" Air Pump. The Flojet’s specially designed shuttle valve, check valves and high performance capabilities have been combined to produce a “value-priced” small, light duty pump. Features include: • Santoprene diaphragm • Viton and Kalrez diaphragm upgrades available • Lafferty quick release stainless steel mounting bracket and quick disconnect port fittings for ease of pump replace- ment. Freedom 2.5 and Freedom XV Foamers feature a Sandpiper ½" Air Pump This pump provides the extra volume required for quick foam coverage of larger areas. • The Freedom 2.5 Foamer is a medium-high volume foamer • The Freedom XV is a high volume foamer Features include: • Santoprene diaphragm • Teflon diaphragm upgrade available • All-bolted design • Pump can be rebuilt Freedom SS XVMV Foamers feature a Sandpiper 1" Stainless Steel Air Pump. This pump provides significantly more foam volume and achieves extra foam throw distances required when tackling very large foaming jobs. Features include: • Teflon diaphragm • Heavy-duty metallic, all-bolted design • All stainless steel wetted components • Pump can be rebuilt Precision Foamers also feature the Flojet ¼" Air Pump. These systems have been designed to produce a low and medium volume of rich foam and are ideal for jobs where preci- sion application and tight control of over-spray are required. Tank Foamers and Sprayers are driven solely by Compressed Air. Compressed air is used to pressurize RTU solution or water in a pressure rated stainless steel tank. Features include: • No air pump • No moving parts • Virtually maintenance free CAT. 4• 3 E-mail order •