Lafferty Catalog 4 • Compressed Air Operated Systems

Lafferty Lafferty's Complete Balanced System Approach to Compressed Air Operated Systems Perfect Expectations in an Imperfect World Compressed Air Operated Systems Production and Environmental Sanitation Equipment 2 • CAT. 4 Regulations, public expectations and competitive pressures require business and industry to maintain clean production areas, machinery and equipment. In today’s world, a bacterial or pathogenic food contamination scare can panic people or cripple industries half a world away. However, water capacity or infrastructure is sometimes inadequate for the strin- gent demands on production and environmental sanitation. For facilities with various types of water limitations, Lafferty has successfully applied nearly 40 years of chemical applica- tion experience to designing compressed air operated systems for a wide range of application requirements, from light to heavy duty and for jobs large or small. Lafferty builds quality into every piece of chemical application equipment – from the precision machining of our foamer and sprayer bodies, to the careful selection of heavy-duty components, to the individual testing of every unit. This keeps Lafferty Equipment products working better and longer than any other brand. When perfection is your mission, Lafferty's quality and performance provide you with the best tools available for achiev- ing your cleaning and sanitation expectations. All Lafferty products are designed with specific applications in mind, resulting in the careful selection of materials and components to match the equipment’s intended use, in a cost-effective manner. In facilities, or areas within a facility, where plumbed water pressure is unavailable, unreliable or lower than the 35 PSI required for venturi foamers and sprayers, an alternative method for applying foam and sanitizer is required. This “Complete Balanced System Approach” is the basis for offering our compressed air operated foamer and sprayer sys- tems in both “RTU Chemical Solution” and “Water Driven Venturi” configurations, along with a choice of two air operated double diaphragm pumps and the pump-free option of tank foamers and sprayers. The choice of system will depend on the intended application and how heavily the system is likely to be used. Fax order • 800-699-3719