Lafferty Catalog 4 • Compressed Air Operated Systems

AIR OPERATED Model # Description Foaming Time Usable Foam Coverage Rate Hose per Tank Fill Throw 500 ft² (46.5 m²) Length 925505 5 Gallon LV Tank Foamer 7 minutes 9 ft / 2.7 m 4½ minutes 25 ft / 7.6 m 925515 15 Gallon LV Tank Foamer 20 minutes 9 ft / 2.7 m 4½ minutes 25 ft / 7.6 m LV TANK FOAMERS REQUIRES: COMPRESSED AIR, CHEMICAL CONCENTRATE, WATER Upgrade Option for foamers listed this page: Stainless Steel Wand upgrade when ordering with unit.  Request item # 536603-X. METERING TIP DRIVER • Simply the best and easiest way to install or change metering tips across the entire Lafferty product lineup. Model # Description 443790 Metering Tip Driver CAT.4• 15 LV Tank Foamers are the most durable of all the portable foamers since only water is held in the NSDA rated stainless steel tank and the units have no moving parts. • LV Tank foamers create and project a usable amount of foam onto any surface, with little waste. • Air pressure forces water through a venturi foamer, which draws and dilutes concentrated chemical. • Offered as Low Flow units • Include a fan nozzle for quick coverage LAFFERTY LV TANK FOAMERS are powered solely by compressed air and are designed for use in facilities where plumbed water pressure is unavailable, unreliable or lower than the 35 PSI required for conventional venturi foamers and sprayers. Only water is held in the NSDA rated stainless steel tank and compressed air is used to provide the required water pressure to drive the venturi foamer. No chemical is held in the tank and no pre-dilution of chemical is required. Twenty metering tips accurately dilute chemical concentrates to required ratios. Tanks do not require rinsing when changing between chemicals. With no air pump or other moving parts, LV Tank Foamers are virtually maintenance-free, providing unrivaled durability. Both models feature all stainless steel carts, hinged stainless steel mounting enclosures and pressure relief pop-off valves. AIR POWERED * One Metering Tip Driver is included in each pack of metering tips enclosed with new venturi applicator orders. E-mail order •