Lafferty Catalog 4 • Compressed Air Operated Systems

Model # Description 941307 Liberty LC Foamer 941387* Portable 20 Gallon Freedom LC Foamer VENTURI LIBERTY LC FOAMERS REQUIRES: COMPRESSED AIR, CHEMICAL CONCENTRATE, WATER * Available with color-coded 20-gallon tanks and hoses. OPTIONS COLOR • Safe and Convenient — Prevents splashing, reduces odor, and allows for quick replacement of chemical concentrate. • All models shown include a hose barb that attaches directly to any ¼” suction tube of a Lafferty chemical applicator or dispenser. • Machined polypropylene • Threaded to fit 1 gallon jugs and the pull-up spout of many 5 gallon pails. (Model 709101-R fits Rieke FLEXSPOUT® closures.) • Includes 1' of suction tubing. SAFE FLOW™ LIDS FOR 1 GALLON JUGS AND 5 GALLON PAILS Upgrade Option for foamers listed this page: Stainless Steel Wand upgrade when ordering with unit.  Request item # 536603-X. Lafferty 14 •CAT.4 LAFFERTY VENTURI LIBERTY FOAMERS are powered by compressed air and are designed for use in facilities where plumbed water pressure is unavailable, unreliable or lower than the 35 PSI required for conventional venturi foamers and sprayers. A Flojet air pump, mounted inside a lockable stainless steel enclosure, is used to draw water from a tank and provide the water pressure required to drive the venturi foamer. No chemical passes through the air pump and no pre-dilution of chemical is required. Twenty metering tips accurately dilute chemical concentrates to required ratios. Tanks do not require rinsing when changing between chemicals. Portable models feature all stainless steel carts and replaceable polyethylene tanks. Venturi Liberty Foamers and Sprayers create and project a usable amount of foam onto any surface with little waste. • Water is pumped through a venturi, which regulates the flow and draws and dilutes concentrated chemical. • Water flow is regulated to match the mid-range of the air pump’s specified operating range, protecting the pump from running repetitively at maximum capacity. • Fan nozzle for quick coverage SPECIFICATIONS Foaming Time 16 minutes (per 20 Gallons of water) Usable FoamThrow 12 ft 3.7 m Coverage Rate 500 ft² ( 46.5 m²): 2½ minutes Discharge Hose Length 40 ft 12.2m Flojet Pump 1/4" AODD Santoprene Diaphragm Viton or Kalrez Optional VENTURI Fax order • 800-699-3719