Lafferty Catalog 3 • Venturi Systems - High Pressure • 400-1000 PSI

Lafferty Trigger gun, wand and matching fan nozzle. Trigger gun, wand and chemical/rinse rollover assembly with matching fan nozzles. EASY TRIGGER GUN Requires half the effort of other guns. Easy- pull trigger and comfortable grip provide ease when working long hours. SANITIZER / SPRAY-ALLS REQUIRES: 400-1000 PSI WATER Model # Description 918054 W-20SS Spray-All 918056 W-20SS Spray-All w/Rollover Nozzle 918954 Portable 5 Gallon W-20SS Spray-All Option 536500 Insulator For 1/4" SS Wand High Pressure Lafferty High Pressure Chemical Applicators are designed for use in food and beverage processing facilities equipped with a pressurized water system operating between 400 and 1,000 PSI or 2,000 PSI, depending on the applicator model. Optional insulator for 1/4" stainless steel wand. Insulates hands from hot or cold extremes and provides comfortable secure grip. 4 •CAT.3 LAFFERTY HIGH PRESSURE SANITIZER / SPRAY-ALLS™ are water-driven venturi systems that accurately dilute chemical concentrates to required ratios and spray the solution onto any surface. The supplied fan nozzle provides for quick area coverage with a medium spray. Wall mount units offered with Lafferty’s signature heavy duty stainless steel mounting enclosures and portable models feature heavy duty stainless steel carts. • For use with high pressure water systems, the Lafferty Spray-All accurately dilutes chemical concentrates and produces medium spray • Equipping the sprayer/ sanitizer with a rollover nozzle assembly adds the convenience of alternating between spraying and rinsing at the hose end without having to return to the wall mounted unit. REQUIREMENTS / SPECIFICATIONS Water Pressure 400 - 1000 PSI 27.6 -69 bar Water Flow Rate @ 700 PSI @ 48.3 bar W-20SS - Spray/Sanitize 3.1 gpm 11.7 lpm Rinse (918056) 5.0 gpm 18.9 lpm Discharge Hose ID 3/8 in. 9.5 mm Length 50 ft. 15.2 m Includes • Machined stainless steel injector body • Stainless steel mounting enclosure • Stainless steel ball valve • Color-coded metering tips (20) • Metering tip holder • High pressure discharge hose with trigger gun, stainless steel wand and matching fan nozzle • Chemical / rinse rollover nozzle assembly (918056) • Portable models feature all stainless steel carts Fax order • 800-699-3719