Lafferty Catalog 2 • Venturi Systems - Boosted Pressure • 125-350 PSI

DRUM STICK / TOTE STICK BOOSTED PRESSURE • Safe and Convenient — Prevents splashing, reduces odor, and allows for quick replacement of chemical concentrate. Chemical Dispensing Accessories: Safe Flow™ Jug or Pail lids and Pail sticks • All models shown include a hose barb that attaches directly to any ¼” suction tube of a Lafferty chemical applicator or dispenser. • Jug / Pail Lids: M achined polypropylene lids threaded to fit 1 gallon jugs and the pull-up spout of many 5 gallon pails. Jug Lid includes 1' of suction tubing. (Model 709101-R fits Rieke FLEXSPOUT® closures.) Slip Stick includes a sliding Jug Lid and fits containers up to 21” deep. • Pail Sticks: Polypropylene sticks with sliding collars, threaded to fit ¾” container lid knockouts. Model 709105 includes a 16" Pail Stick and 5 gallon pail with lid. Coarse threads Fine threads Custom lengths available on request Model # Description 491643 Drum Stick, 33" (Viton seals) 491643-E Drum Stick, 33" (EPDM seals) 491645 Drum Stick, 54" (Viton seals) 491645-E Drum Stick, 54" (EPDM seals) 491648 Drum Stick, 48" (Viton seals) 491648-E Drum Stick, 48" (EPDM seals) 491654 Tote Stick, 48" (Viton seals) 491654-E Tote Stick, 48" (EPDM seals) 491656 Tote Stick, 54" (Viton seals) 491656-E Tote Stick, 54" (EPDM seals) CAT.2• 15 • Drum bung adaptor machined to fit either coarse or fine-threaded bung holes • Chemical/acid resistant polypropylene construction • Connects to chemical pick-up tubes fitted to any venturi applicator or chemical pumping system • Drum bung adaptor and tote cover keep trash out of chemical and allow easy depth adjustment of the Drum or Tote Stick. • Rigid pipe overcomes problems common with flexible tubing • Hastelloy strainer easily accessible for cleaning • Choice of Viton or EPDM seals SPECIFICATIONS Hose barbs: 1/4 in. 6.3 mm 3/8 in. 9.5 mm 1/2 in. 12.7 mm 3/4 in. 19.0 mm Polypropylene extension tube ID 3/4 in. 19.1 mm Length   Drum Stick 33 in. 0.8 m      Drum Stick 48 in. 1.2 m      Drum Stick 54 in. 1.4 m      Tote Stick 48 in. 1.2 m      Tote Stick 54 in. 1.4 m Includes • Machined polypropylene drum bung adaptor with coarse and fine threads • Four polypropylene hose barbs • Polypropylene chemical check valve • Hastelloy chemical strainer E-mail order •