Lafferty Catalog 1 • Venturi Systems - City Water Pressure • 35-125 PSI

Lafferty 30 •CAT. 1 JANITORIAL AND SUPERMARKET SANITATION EQUIPMENT – Catalogs 11 and 12 Lafferty Venturi Systems for use with City Water Pressure include a range of Mixing Stations, Spray-Al ls and Airless Foamers that are well-suited for janitorial and supermarket sanitation duty. We produce thes e and others systems with the same dedicated focus on performance, quality, reliability and durability. An overview is shown below and on the next two pages.  Details are contained in Catalogs 11 and 12. MIXING STATIONS • Push Lever & Ball Valve Mixing Stations • Drum Mount Mixing Station • Gemini™ Mixing Stations • High Volume Mixing Station SPRAYERS AND AIRLESS FOAMERS • Compact Sprayers (light and heavy spray models) • Compact Airless Foamers • Model 12 – adjustable foam pattern • Model 25 – up to 12 ft. foam throw • Airless Foamers (Wall Mount, Portable, Drum Bung) • Airless Brush Foamers (soft or stiff bristle) PUMP-UP FOAMERS (1.5 AND 3 GALLON) • Pump-Up Bullet™ Foamers • Pump-Up Foamers OPTIONS COLOR Fax order • 800-699-3719