Lafferty Catalog 1 • Venturi Systems - City Water Pressure • 35-125 PSI

Lafferty 28 •CAT. 1 BACKFLOW PREVENTERS Model # Description 270298 1/2" (Watts 9DM2) Backflow Preventer 270299 3/4" (Watts 9DM3) Backflow Preventer WATER PRESSURE/FLOW TEST KIT Model # Description 336340 Water Pressure / Flow Test Kit REQUIREMENTS / SPECIFICATIONS Water Pressure Max. 160 PSI 11 bar Water Flow Rate @ 40 PSI @ 2.8 bar Small restrictor 1 gpm 3.8 lpm Medium restrictor 4 gpm 15.1 lpm Large restrictor 9 gpm 34.1 lpm • Safe and Convenient — Prevents splashing, reduces odor, and allows for quick replacement of chemical concentrate. CHEMICAL DISPENSING ACCESSORIES: SAFE FLOW™ JUG OR PAIL LIDS AND PAIL STICKS • All models shown include a hose barb that attaches directly to any ¼” suction tube of a Lafferty chemical applicator or dispenser. • Jug / Pail Lids: Machined polypropylene lids threaded to fit 1 gallon jugs and the pull-up spout of many 5 gallon pails. Jug Lid includes 1' of suction tubing. (Model 709101-R fits Rieke FLEXSPOUT® closures.) Slip Stick includes a sliding Jug Lid and fits containers up to 21” deep. • Pail Sticks: Polypropylene sticks with sliding collars, threaded to fit ¾” container lid knockouts. Model 709105 includes a 16" Pail Stick and 5 gallon pail with lid. • Designed for use on non-health-hazard, continuous pressure, point-of-use applications for protection against back siphonage and back pressure • When installed upstream of a water-driven foamer or sprayer this part will prevent chemical solution and/or compressed air from backing up into the water source in the event of reverse suction (power failure, improper operation, failure to close inlet ball valves, etc.) • Discharge vent can be plumbed to direct the discharge to an appropriate drainage area. • May be mounted horizontally or vertically • Provides quick confirmation of available water pressure and water flow at the equipment water inlet • Connects to standard male garden hose fitting • Use to determine equipment needed for existing setup or a new facility • Also for use mounted in line with installed equipment to determine operational water pressure • Troubleshoot existing setup • Features three flow restrictors for testing standard flow, medium flow and high flow applicators Fax order • 800-699-3719