Portable 16 Gallon Small Area Cleaning System (SACS)

Model # 975350

The Small Area Cleaning System (SACS) is a self-contained low volume Foam/Rinse/Sanitize cleaning system for multiple chemical applications. This convenient system uses a re-chargeable battery and 12V pump to draw fresh water from the 16 gallon tank and create the pressure to run the system. It uses precision metering tips to accurately dilute two chemical concentrates from the attached jug rack and projects one chemical as wet foam, a second as a fan spray, and rinses. Perfect for precision cleaning in small areas where water pressure is unavailable.

Key Features
  • Completely self-contained Foam, Rinse, Sanitize system
  • Powered by a rechargeable 36 amp hour gel battery and 12V pump (2+ hour run time)
  • Applies chemical as wet clinging foam or a fan pattern spray, and rinses
  • Micro-Flow Injector restricts water flow to maximize run time per tank
  • Combo gun makes it easy to switch between foam and spray nozzles
  • The adjustable Bullet Foam Nozzle projects foaming chemical in a fan pattern or narrow stream
  • Spray nozzle rinses and/or applies chemical in a fan pattern
  • Water tank is easily removed from cart for cleaning
  • Unique machined polypropylene suction lids prevent spillage from chemical bottles


  • All stainless steel 4-wheel cart, pump enclosure, and integrated hose rack
  • Non-marking tires with stainless steel swivel casters
  • 2 stainless steel jug racks (round jug racks standard, other options available)
  • 2 jug lids with suction tube strainers
  • 12V pump with battery, battery level indicator, and low voltage disconnect
  • Wall-mounted battery charging station with breakaway cord
  • 16 gallon, wide-mouth, HDPE water tank
  • Machined polypropylene Micro-Flow Injector Body
  • 10 color-coded precision metering tips to set dilution ratios
  • 25' hose with foam/spray combo gun
Foaming & Sanitizing Chemical Concentrates
Water to fill 16 Gallon Tank
Water Usage Rates:
Foam 0.5 GPM
Rinse 1.5 GPM
Sanitize 0.5 GPM
Hose 3/8'' x 25'
Foam #10 Bullet Foam Nozzle
Rinse 2510
Sanitize 2510
Alternate Check Valve - EPDM Standard
Check Valve, Chemical, PP/Viton, 1/4"# 491315
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