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Mixing Station

Lafferty Mixing Station
being used for building
maintenance situation.

Possible industrial cleaning applications of Lafferty Equipment:

About Lafferty Equipment™ Manufacturing, Inc.

Lafferty products are designed for demanding applications in the food processing, bottling, car/truck washing, agricultural, institutional and industrial environments in both domestic and international markets.For performance you can trust, rely on Lafferty Equipment. We have the technical and manufacturing expertise to solve your chemical cleaning and application challenges. Our personalized customer support is unparalleled in the industry. Our equipment quality, performance, and reliability - our service and support - our expertise - competitive wholesale pricing, add up to the best value available.Consider these facts about Lafferty Equipment Manufacturing company and our products:

Quality | Performance | Reliability

Stainless Steel - Polypropylene - These and other raw materials are selected for quality, chemical resistance and physical durability. Lafferty products endure where many others can't hold up.

In-house Production - Our proprietary components are machined in house from quality, raw stock using designs perfected by 30 years experience. Many other "manufacturers" just assemble parts that are shipped in.

Protection - Stainless steel bases, covers or enclosures protect your equipment investment from their environment and harsh treatment that plastic housings cannot endure.

Performance - Lafferty products are top performers. They typically provide years of service while consistently proportioning chemicals and producing high quality foam, spray or fog. When your chemical equipment is out of operation, you lose money whether you are an end user or a chemical supplier.

Service | Support

Detailed information - We make it easy to find the right equipment for the job with our user-friendly web site, full-color product brochures, and detailed Installation and Operation Instructions. From the web you can view and download most of our print materials. If you don't find what you are looking for, use our web form to request more information. Product news updates are sent via e-mail by request.

Customer Service - Our phones are answered by real people who put you in touch with the right member of our service and support team. When you call, you will speak to a courteous, knowledgeable person. Often, callers will speak directly to the owner of the company, Drew Lafferty.

Support - We provide solutions, product knowledge, a spirit of cooperation and a can-do attitude to our customers.To further support our customers, we regularly refer prospective buyers to their current chemical or equipment supplier.

Stock On Hand - Quick Shipping - We stock enough inventory so that we can usually ship within 2 business days of receiving the order.


We know the business. Our customer service team stats include:
  • 15 years average length of service at Lafferty Equipment
  • 75+ years combined tenure
  • 25+ years experience in chemical sales
  • 29+ years chemical applications equipment experience outside of Lafferty.  
Innovation - Many Lafferty products are innovations in themselves. We have created enough variety over the years that we often have your "custom solution" sitting on our shelf. Numerous minor modifications can be made "on the fly" to meet specific application challenges. Also, complete custom solutions are available.

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